I have had an interest in photography for a long time and it started with cheap film cameras that I used to take pictures when I travelled. My first exposure to digital photography was an Olympus camera that had a whopping 1.3 megapixels. Despite the low resolution, lack of zoom capabilities, and the lack of vivid color, I was hooked on the convenience and the ability to work with the picture on the computer. I've gone through a number of digital cameras since then and a few years ago I purchased my ultimate photographer toy (at least at the time), the Canon 20D digital SLR. Since then I have been in heaven. The ability to change lenses, the ability to shoot in RAW format and the overall quality if the pictures has improved my photos immensely. I have since moved on to newer and better cameras but I still feel like a kid. I am also a recent Aperture convert and the image and exposure correction capabilities have made my photography look much better.

Now that you know a little bit about how I got to this point in my photography, I should tell you a little bit about what inspires me and what type of photographs I shoot. I have a huge interest in structure. Not just structure as in manmade objects but also the structure of nature, or the structure of random objects. A good bit if my photos are of buildings that capture my imagination and also finding interest in nature, those buildings that are made of natural materials or that fit well in to the natural surroundings. I'm also lucky to be close to the old C&O canal which offers an abundance of opportunities for a picture of canal ruins as well as preserved locks.

Natural rock formations also provide for interesting structure and because they are natural elements themselves, that fit perfectly into the natural surroundings. Statues are another subject that can provide structural interest. I'm not usually drawn to big statues of one that are prominently display but rather the little works of art that are hidden or are not obviously display (or are part of another structure such as a building of fountain). Plants can also provide structure and this is most prominent in the wintertime. During this season the twisted branches, irregular shapes, or knots on tree trunks can result in natures own sculptures. these natural works of are back-dropped by the seemingly lifeless landscape are even by the white background of the snow covered land. These photographs can be stark and beautiful at the same time.

Before I depress everybody too much, I also find inspiration in the lush colors and interesting landscape of nature in the warmer seasons. I love to hike and I usually have my camera with me and I like to capture those hidden gems that you find while I'm hiking. These can be a lush clearing filled with ferns or an interesting plat sticking its head out between two rocks. I also have a fascination with water and I cannot resist a waterfall. The lush plant life along with the feeling of life from the flowing water can make these scenes quite spectacular.
I hope you enjoy the selection of photography that is on this website and hopefully it will stir your imagination and appreciation as it has for myself.