I am an advid music fan, not only do I enjoy listening to music but I have also been rumoured to play the guitar (although my singing voice is pretty bad). What's even worse is I have amplification!!! I mainly play acoustic rock (Buffett, Beatles, James Taylor, John Prine, etc) and I also make an attempt at playing blues. At one point I was playing alot of Traditional Irish music (playing the Bouzuoki mainly) with a group of people know as the Irish Breakfast Band. If you happen to stumble upon this page and you play an instrument and would like to jam in a relaxed atmosphere,  send me some email (I'd like to find some local musicians who are laid back and like to play just for the fun of it).

Musical Tastes

I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music styles (Rock, folk, blues, bluegrass, Traditional Irish, some styles of County - those that could actually  be considered rockabilly or swing). I try to get out to see local bands as often as possible, most of the time bands I've never seen , sometimes an old standby (one of my favorites is Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun). There is an awful lot of talented musicians in this area that basically go undiscovered. If you know of any really talented local bands let me know (especially if they play blues or rockabilly).
One thing I'm a big fan of is three piece bands. I guess the reason for this is that all three musicians must be fairly talented to be able to make it with only three people. Anybody who knows of a good three piece band please let me know so I can check them out.


My latest toy is a Thompson T3 Deluxe with Claro Walnut back and sides, a Sitka Spruce top, and bloodwood binding. The look of this instrument is quite striking and it sounds as good as it looks. It was quite an easy decision to buy this guitar!!

Last year I bought one of the Artisan Series guitars made by Lutier Dana Bourgeois. Although this is low end, production line models from Dana it sounds fantastic. Here is a picture.

Latest News - My desire to acquire new toys continues. My latest toy is a handmade guitar bodied bouzouki that I recently ordered from Doug Deiter who is the Luthier for Kennaquhair Stringed Instruments. He was kind enough to put pictures of my instrument being made on his web site so here is a picture of this latest toy.